Priority on "My Work"

Cannot amplify this concern loudly enough. The lack of functionality in terms of self-organizing in My Work distinctly shifts how useful is, and whether or not I will continue to subscribe after this year is over. There are UX functionalities in List View that are ideal, but the lack of free self-organization in both My Work and Gantt chart/Timeline view might be enough to make me end up canceling my subscription, as they really decrease clarity in the project management process., PLEASE add self-sort options for both My Work and Timeline!!!

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Upvote. We need a universal “Group by” and “Sort by” and “Save View” features on the My Work page (in addition to the existing filtering). This is fundamental. My Work is useless even with just 10-20 tasks. The whole idea is that you can only do ONE task at a time you don’t want to have to dig through a complex list to find it. My Work is useless.

Where is this? It’s EXACTLY what I need (and what I would expect from any task management system).

What is the status for implementing some of these improvements for “My Work”? We are struggling big time with using because of how inflexbile “My Work” functions :frowning: