Customization for My Work Tab

Hey team! I would love the My Work tab to be even more customizable to be able to show tasks split up by group or board. Right now I’m on multiple boards some of them higher priority than others. But the My Work tab is a mess because all the tasks are listed out together (some parents, some subs).

I’d love the option to filter, sort, or group tasks in my view to be able to look at the workload in different ways. (Date, group, board, priority etc)

I totally agree!

Besides the one already mentioned, what would also be very handy is the following:

In “My work” tasks are split in today, this week, next week and later. I would love to be able to adapt this view and split the “later” category per week for example. Now you have a fairly good idea about what is coming this week and next week, but then all of the rest is just one big pile of work, and you don’t know what is coming your way.

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Agreed, I also wish the individual tasks were a bit bigger on the screen, like how they used to be on My Week. Seeing a list of tasks in all super narrow rows makes it more overwhelming! Pic for reference

‘My Work’ in Canban view would be amazing.
I have items spread across multiple boards, I would love if I could consolidate them all and sort by priority.