Drag/Drop "My Work"

Our team feels like it would be HUGE help to be able to drag/drop the tasks on your “My Work” view.

You log in + click My Work. You see you’ve got 10 (ok, let’s be real 25+ things to try + get done.) Currently, there’s no way to organize the “today” section of My Work. A drag/drop feature would allow you to organize your day ANYWAY you wanted.

You could work top to bottom, bottom to top. You could group the items from highest to lowest priority. SOMETHING that you could control would be better than the random way that My Work organizes your tasks.

I’ve emailed this feedback but thought I’d drop it here + see what the community thinks.

We were just talking about this and came here to add it as a feature request. Thanks for doing it.

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Similar to this, I would love some way to prioritise those items that are due today. If I have 20 tasks for today, how do I know what to do!?


Make sure you vote for this feature. Drag-n-drop would allow you to prioritize.


This is making me absolutely crazy. I have to look through my entire “today” list to figure out what to do next. We need a way to prioritize other than date FOR SURE.

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I just googled for this topic to check if anyone else had already requested it. Would be super helpful. This is one of those quality of life things that would actually make me consider changing platforms if it never gets implemented. It’s that important.

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Love it! Obviously, I agree. As our calendars + inboxes fill up, I find myself completing my first task of work simply by logging into Monday.com. But as a CEO there often is my tasks for today (which I’ve planned for) that are out of order/sequence/lack priority AND there are tasks people have assigned for me.

Culling through all the noise of even ONE day is a lot which is why our team really hopes some sort of prioritization is implemented into “my work”

This would be useful. There are other requests asking for customization of columns and showing a custom column such as priority on the My work page and allowing users to sort the view as they do in a regular board.