"My Work" and sorting of columns by ascending or descending - please vote yes!

Noting I have spent some time coming up with solutions with the Monday.com support team before posting this, unfortunately all solutions were tried but it not suited to how our layouts work.

Firstly, I’m loving Monday.com, its a great tool to assist me with project management. However, in some cases, our work cannot be determined by date but more so by priority. It would so so great if “My Work” could allow users to sort columns by priority and not have to rely on dates only. Unfortunately we have a tremendous amount of tasks and we simply cannot work by date.

It’s a pity as the “My Work” is an incredibly handy feature to have and to see all work in one space, but in this case because we work to a priority order, its somewhat an under utilized option to us at the moment.

Pretty please can this feature be added to be able to sort columns by priority??

I agree 100%. My Work is my Next Actions list. I purposely do NOT add dates to my tasks, unless they will be worked on today/tomorrow, so I don’t muddy up my list. (Obviously this is not ideal) I work from Priority as well. My Work is good (with the last update making it finally useful) but it still need more improvement. Let add the ability to add columns and lets get some Priority Sorting!!! It’s close to being Great!!!

YES! YES! YES! At very least for date column. I still don’t understand the sorting logic within “This Week” which is not even sequential. So hard to look at. my work and quickly see ok, what’s on my agenda for tomorrow!