Show tasks assigned to my team in My Work

How can I show all tasks assigned to me or my team in My Work? We assign tasks to teams when any person in the team can fulfil the task. It’s handier than assigning the task to all the people in the team, but it seems not to show up in My Work, which makes assigning it to the team pointless. I can configure it to show other people’s tasks, but I cannot seem to be allowed to add a team.

Am I missing something? Is there another way to achieve the same (e.g., is there a way to assign a task to all members of a team)?

Within the MyWork board, click on “Customize” and you can choose whose tasks you want to view in the board.

Thank you for your suggestion! I see now that my phrasing was ambiguous, apologies for the confusion. If I do what you suggested I see my tasks and all tasks assigned to any member of my team. What I need instead is to see the tasks assigned either to me or to the whole team (i.e., “the team” as an assignee). Is that possible?