Add Option in My Work to also display tasks assigned to the teams I belong to

When I display my-work, I see only tasks assigned to me. It would be great to have an option to also display the tasks assigned to the different teams I belong too. For now, we need to change the my-work settings each time to switch between me and the teams.

Hey @LADK,

Let me know if I’ve misunderstood, however you should have the option to include teams when configuring the my work settings:

Is this what you’re referring to? :pray:

Hello Bianca,

Thanks you very much for your reply but this actually does not work for what I am trying to achieve. Indeed, when I select a team in my-work customization, all tasks assigned to any member of the selected team appear while what I would need is that only the tasks assigned to this particular team get listed.

It seems to me that both behaviors are usefull in different use cases. For this reason, I was thinking the customisation could have an additionnal check option to say how teams are used to select tasks.

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Hello Bianca,

Would you have any update regarding this request ?

Thanks for the good work

Also adding that this comment in the community does a good job describing the functionality needed to be able to see tasks assigned to teams in My work: Show tasks assigned to my team in My Work