Ability to organize "My Work" by boards vs. timeline/date

I’d like to be able to organize my view of my own tasks. For now, there are two options: “My work” or “Search Everything+my name.”
My work organizes everything by due date, which may not be used for some organizations.
On search everything mode, the view is dark and it does now allow for toggling between boards. Also, subitems are not organized beneath the items they belong to. Weird.
I suggest a solution: add ability to organize “my work” into whichever categories needed. For example, by board.

My request is similar. I would like to organize “My Work” by ascending project board name.

And if we can’t get the capabiltiy to create a master or “Overview” board that queries multiple boards for data, then being able to filter for a specific status(es) in My Work would also be handy.

But really, we need more than just modifications to “My Work” - we need to be able to create a Board that queries and aggregates across multiple boards (see my suggestion on this posted called:

Be able to aggregate items from multiple boards into one (Overview or Master Board)