NEW functionality to MyWork

I’m happy to see that mywork exists and is searchable across all boards in the company workspace. But I need more functionality of this feature.

My use case is this:
We need a holistic view of all tasks my team is assigned to, across any board and any workspace in my company. we do not know all the boards that team members are potentially assigned to. We have already explored other options and spoken to support and this new feature request for MyWork is our next step.

  1. We want enhanced customizations to sort by results in mywork search. IE by people name, status, due date or any other column. The customization drop downs are not feasible, since it pulls in all tasks across the workspaces, each team has their own non standardized date and status columns.

  2. We want to be able to save this as a filter and incorporate the filter on a dashboard, board or toggle between teams to see holistic set of tasks.