See & Update All Tasks From One Place

Just another note. It seems assigned sub items are not represented in my work beta.

Still very frustrated with the implementation of task management. does some things so well that this issue around the inability to introduce an intuitive solution for team member task management is jarring. I 100% understand things are in development and being tweaked, but I feel like some of the core assumptions around user requirements is off.

Please listen to all of suggestions made by @scooper!! It’s all I wanted to say but had no time to put into a diagram. And to reinforce:

  1. There’s too much white space!!
  2. Remove all those board names!! Put them into a column.
  3. Allow us to sort and visualize by due date.
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Hi @Hollyc.lambert @DTCSC @cquad - yes this is a bit of a blind spot on Monday. What we have do w in the past for clients is build a master/child board approach. This allows for all data from the numerous child (project) boards to be available within a single master board.

This can be achieved through using connected boards and mirroring columns. In order to hook back to the project board, you could add a link column that uses the URL of the project board.

There are some drawbacks to this approach, however you then have a single task repository to report off of.

This is useful for dashboard reporting (not hitting your board maximum based on license tier), overview boards, but also for the my work feature as you only need to use the single board for filtering.

It’s not the perfect solution but it seems to tick the most boxes :slightly_smiling_face:.

If you’d like more information feel free to DM me here, or shoot me a message at
Also, check us out online to learn more about what we do.


@mark.anley Thank you for your suggestion–unfortunately this approach doesn’t seem to work re: subitems which is where we assign tasks to team members. But I do appreciate you taking the time to explain.

That said, tried so many different workarounds. We do not need a workaround, we need a functional task management system in place.

Hi @DTCSC - Have you heard yet about the new Team View app? It supports subitems! Team View - Best way to manage workload and resources in monday - #7 by thusitha

Hi @PolishedGeek Thank you for sending along! I will take a look. However, we are hoping to have some native functionality for this basic need across the team rather than an add on. Also, while it is free right now, we are not keen on having an additional monthly fee per user for something that should be built in and useable from the start.


Just wanted to provide my 2c worth. We are relatively new to (18 months) and as we have embraced the tool, we have also come up against this limitation of not being able to view all assigned tasks and that this is causing real frustration as we picked Monday over other vendors that have this feature.

I was loosely following an earlier board that was automatically closed in March? Based on that thread, I have now implemented the My Work feature and when I went to provide feedback, using the give feedback link, I get an “oops” message.
Can I ask that this link be fixed to allow me to provide feedback as I find any issues.

My initial feedback aligns with that of @scooper (great work on documenting the issues)
My only other feedback is that these changes, updates, etc are hidden. If I don’t go looking for them in the community, I don’t know what is there or coming. I would really like to see the “Learn & Get Inspired” section of to have another section that contains information on the Beta items and also active items up and coming - it does not need to be anything more than a link to the community forum or dev page, etc.

2 Likes Just flagging the feedback button is still not functioning as pointed out by @MikeH

Wondering if there is any roadmap for addressing some of these issues that have been flagged by users?