Subitem-only cards in Kanban View

Subitems should be accessible on the cards in the Kanban view.

We use Monday for managing our sales deal flow, where deals are items and tasks related to those deals (meetings, follow-ups, calls, etc.) are subitems.

Many of our salespeople prefer the Kanban view to the table view, and because they can’t access subitems from this view, using subitems becomes disruptive to the workflow.

We need to have the subitems accessible from the Kanban cards, at least at the level of task names and deadlines.


Upvote - we use subitems to track day-to-day work-in-progress - our scrums operate at that level, so we need them visible in Kanban view.

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another upvote on this one - we use the kanban view for status meetings and it’s a HUGE pain to not be able to see the status items.

I’m currently having to manually write status updates in the comments section in preparation for the status meeting because of this limitation

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Upvote also from myside, we also use subitems to track work for specific objects (items).

I work in a real estate office and we use subitems to monitor and collect legal and marketing documents. We can’t market the property until the agent provides some information, so viewing this in a kanban would help track who is responsible of the project.

Hey everyone,

We’re super happy to let you know that you can now see your subitems in the kanban view!!!
It works in existing and new kanban views.

Some helpful Q&As:

How do I see it in the kanban?
All you need to do is to add the subitem column under the board view settings, and you will see it in the kanban card right away.

How do I choose which column to see in the subitem kanban card?
You can choose which column to see in each subitem card under the: “Subitems Card Columns”.

Which columns does the subitem kanban card support?
all of them.

What if I want to see more than one column in the subitem kanban card?
Due to our (current) kanban real estate limitation, we chose to display only one column next to the subitem name in one line.
We believe that you will want to see more than it, and we are working on redesigning the whole kanban and focusing on reducing the size of the kanban card block into a compact card (it’s also super requested feedback). Once we do so, we will feel much more comfortable displaying multiple columns of each subitem.

Can I open the item card of the subitem?
Sure, it works the same as the parent item, you just need to click on it.

Feel free to share your feedback with us!
Enjoy! :sunglasses:

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It’s nice, but at least in my case, what I would like is to be able to use subitem cards in the Kanban view, not just be able to se subitems in the items card.




UPVOTE: I expected the sub-items to be individual cards. I don’t see the use case for sub-items in a single card.


UPVOTE: this would be great!

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My ideal function for subitems in Kanban board would be to be able to filter in subitems displaying project, subitem headline, responsible and status. You should be able to sort 2 weeks ahead from today and select subitems from status, department, people etc.
Will this be available and if so when?

KR Rolf

UPVOTE : I would like to have a kanban board by subitems rather than by group so I can see what tasks are in each stage on a sublevel regardless of which group they belong to.


Showing the sub-items on the card is nice, I guess, but really not the key requirement.

Cards have statuses and I can create a kanban board where each column is one of those statuses.
Sub-items can have their own statuses
I would like a kanban board where each column is the statuses of the sub-items.

My sub-items are the lowest level tasks and I’d like to see their (Not Started, WIP, Done, Blocked) statuses in a separate kanban board.

It seems unusual to me that sub-items can have their own separate status list - but you can’t create a kanban board using those statuses.
It’s like giving me a Ferrari but no keys.
I can’t use sub-items without a board to see their statuses!

Are there any plans to do this?


I think the Monday team understood this as

display sub-items on cards

What perhaps you really wanted (and certainly what I really, really want) is

Allow me to create a Kanban board where each column is the status of the sub-items


Upvote - this clearly states our requirement as well.

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Big upvote from me too. This would be super helpful for my team

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Same here, it’s literally a MUST HAVE

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UPVOTE: Does have a plan and/or timeline for when this feature could be implemented?

Upvote. This feature is a must have. Kanban for individual sub-items with its own status cards will be super helpful when working on a project with multiple sub items

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It would be nice if we could have a filter view for this:

  • Filter by items with subitems
    -Filter showing subitems as cards
    -Filter by subitems only
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it’s great that we can see subitems in this view and they are clickable.


  1. Have an option to only show subitems in card if there is a subitem, this would maximize the amount of cards we can see in our kanban
  2. have an option where we could highlight cards/items if they contain subitems. We can highlight a row based on other criteria, why not adding another option to say if they have subitems.
  3. have an option to ‘show subitems as individual cards’
  4. filter for subitems only cards
  5. filter for items without sub-items

These would be big improvements to kanban, by allowing more cards to fit on a view, highlighting which items have subitems (so we know they are larger tasks), and the option of showing items and subitems as individual cards.