Kanban Board with Subitems as Cards

Please allow for subitem based cards with column based swim lanes.

I’ve been building agile teams for over 15 years and was asked to upgrade a new org at a company whose leadership loves Monday.com. I was shocked to find out that Monday.com “Kanban Board” and “Cards” boards do not allow my groups to actually apply the Kanban / Scrum sticky note methodology without first changing all subitems into items. I have seen this post that asked for this feature but (I believe) Monday.com misconstrued it to mean “I want to see subitems” as opposed to “cards need to be discreet tasks that could be completed in as few as one day chunks”. I’m glad that there now is a “Kanban Board”, but it is not a “Kanban Board” if it is limited to top level items. It is also of very limited utility if you cannot see the status of the subitems even by expanding the subitems in a card.

This is a fundamental of Kanban / Scrum (and hybrids). Using the current view, a project that takes many weeks (build integrated AI/MLOps CI/CD pipeline) would render the Kanban or Cards Board for standups useless and no one would be moving anything from “Doing” to “Done” for weeks or possibly months. Please fix as this is going to force us to use Jira or Trello or something else outside of Monday.com and attempt to stand up integration (which invariably require updating some things manually across the two systems). Cards should be able to exist at the most granular subitem/task tracked.

Note, if you can create this using the “Cards” view or similar, I cannot seem to find out how.

Thank you.

Hello, I would also like to know how / if / when this is possible. We are being asked to set up integrations between trello and monday because monday cards / kanban does not give agile users even close to the functionality that they need.

It is crazy that it’s not possible to create Kanban views or even tables comprised solely of sub-items. Sub-items are the most atomic unit of work for most teams and people – not being able to view them in isolation is a huge flaw. Will likely need to migrate to another solution because of this huge miss.


:heavy_plus_sign::one: on this feature request. Absolutely essential


Another +1 here too. I was told to move our Jira instance and boards over to Monday, but leadership just assumed we could make kanban boards out of the subitems and now we are at a loss. This feature would be essential to our usage of Monday. And… I don’t see why it isn’t already a feature. We can use the API to access a board that is the subitems of another board, we can set status a status field on subitems…

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Just to add, this is blocking wider adoption at our org as well - particularly in tech teams. So they are paying for Jira & DevOps licenses instead and we are losing sight of what they are doing. Not good.


This feature would avoid us having to utilise multiple tools and bring huge efficiency.

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Any update on when sub-items will be included on the Kanban view as separate cards?

Critical for my org also. Please can the Monday.com team give an update if this is on the product roadmap or not?

Fully agree. I would like to see individual subitems on a Kanban, rather than just the items. Currently, it makes me not use subitems which is awkward

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+1. Pretty much unusable if cannot choose subitem for Kanban (how much votes to get this going?)


+1 We have been patiently waiting for this feature to be added. Until it is, the Kanban boards cannot be implemented into our current main worksteam.


The lack of this feature is a blocker in our org as well. The Kanban board is virtually useless for us without the option to see subitems.


+1 We are also waiting for this feature to be added.

+1 We are also waiting for this feature as the lack of it blocks our org in kind. Either we have to revise our approach to boards in a way which makes the board less valuable or we have an entirely useless Kanban board.

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+1 When creating a new Kanban view, we would like to be given the choice for the cards to be either items or subitems. If Subitems is selected, then the kanban columns would use the Subitem Statuses.

This appears to be a significant hurdle in adoption for a number of organisations.


how is this still not a thing?

Monday.com team you are so close to really being (almost) everything to (nearly) everyone. Please implement!


+1 on this feture request.

I’m a certified reseller of monday.com in Japan and many Japanese customers (including our largest enterprise customer) request this feature as the last missing parts of agile management.

This sometimes becomes a deal blocker as well.
PLEASE imprement this feature or we may lose more opportunities.

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Our dev team won’t use Monday dev without this feature. They spent 6 months trying to use it but went back to jira. This feature was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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Our business recently moved over to Monday.com for various internal business projects and just ran into exactly the same problem here! I thought surely there must be a way to add sub items into a kanban view, but guess not.

Please add, how is something this fundamental not a feature already.