How to show checklist or subitems status summary on a Kanban card?

For certain wide or large tasks we like to have a main Kanban item that summarizes the task and then have a checklist linked to the main Kanban item that consists of smaller tasks that when finished would mean the main task is finished.

We haven’t found a way to make this visible on a Kanban item yet, we’ve tried using a couple of options that we saw:

  • Checklist system that can be made in the Updates tab of the item.
  • Making subitems with a status column that is then shown as a summary in the main item with a “Mirror” column.

While these two options allow us to have a working checklist of smaller tasks, we haven’t found a way to show these on an item in the Kanban view. The checklist system from the Updates tab only shows in the Main Table view and we can’t seem to add the Mirror column to a Kanban card.

Are we missing a feature that could help us achieve a quick overview of how many subitems or checklist items are completed on the Kanban card of a task?


I’m looking for this option as well, I know it is a basic feature in other tools.

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I’m still curious if this is possible, does anyone know more about this?

I am also interested in getting checklist items out of updates in other contexts. I have been retrieving my updates via API, and noticed that updates seem to be partially a first class object. this bit of HTML is in the body of my update in the spot where the text for the update and its checkable icon are (“O get file” was my entire comment)


<ul data-checklist-holder="true" data-checklist-id="117352632">’

I also grabbed the text-body and see

\n\n● get file\n\n

I can see the character open or filled in, depending on whether I checked it or not.

All this suggests that the checklist item has an id, and that it’s stored outside the update and is being retrieved by the UI.

Is there an undocumented Graph QL or REST API to get those checklist items?


I am newer to some of the specific feature language within Monday, but I am wondering if your question addresses what our team is hopeful to find as well; do you mean that these cards could have an indicator that shows user(s) have created a checklist within Updates for it?

We look often at Groups we’ve assigned within the Main Table option for a public request form for events we coordinate, and it’s very helpful to have the meter/indicator there next to the Updates button when seeing the entries line-by-line. This is not there when we look from a Calendar view and select an event (i.e. pulling up a card, versus viewing a line of data from the Main Table).

Kristin, I’m pretty new to Monday myself, so I may not be answering this quite as you expect: My items on my board often have meetings associated to them, often more than one meeting (and so have more than one update) and I will regularly take a todo from one of the attendees to do something specific on that topic/meeting/task item. Right now, I have to go thru the UI, find the items with a partially filled in check mark on the task, like in this attached image,


and then reopen the correct update to find the todo again. I’m running 2 client projects with tasks divided into 8 sections each, with a total of 20-30 topics to be resolved, and I’m trying to avoid missing todos. So finding the updates with todos that aren’t marked complete is a high priority.

Hopefully that makes sense.

Can someone from Monday reply to the core question? Is there a REST API or GraphQL to access the checklist items on an task item?

As I said, I see IDs as part of the HTML, which suggests STRONGLY that somehow the UI is using the ID to lookup text and status of the Checklist item. I would like to do something similiar.


I will add to this request. An option to summarize unchecked checklist items from across groups/boards is huge value add.