Kanban Column Workarounds

Hello, Folks,

I’m starting to explore the Kanban tables, and noticed like many others that Sub-items aren’t supported as their own cards in the columns, nor are Mirrored Status Columns useable as the main columns. As a result I’m looking to implement a workaround.

All of my boards are organized by Group (the responsible business unit), Item (major task), and Sub-items (items required to complete said task).

The thought I had was to attempt to filter up the Status Column of my Sub-items as a Mirrored Status Column of the Item, use an automation and Copy Magic Integration to send that data over to an Item Status Column, and use that Column for the Kanban.

The end goal I’m shooting for is to be able to see track the Status of my Items as it relates to the progress of each Items’ Sub-items, since tracking my Sub-items isn’t possible.

I’d appreciate some thoughts or other workarounds I could try.


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