Subitem-only cards in Kanban View

Highlighting the card would be much like ‘conditional coloring’ which is already available on the grid view.
2. Being able to click on subitems in the card view even if subitems were not selected on the gear icon. see gif; you cannot click on the subitems unless you have the gear icon selected.
Being able to highlight cards/items if they contained subitems would let us know if the item/card was a larger one and we could select it. right now I rename the items to let us know if it contains subitems, but it’s a pain.
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Upvote, need the subitems fully visibles as cards in the Kanban view


A must have - for me and my team to fully utilise the kanban view we need to have the subitems as separate cards. @monday-team is there a plan to implement this change?


Upvote - I need sub-items as stand alone cards in the kanban.



:heavy_plus_sign::one: as well; would love to have a Kanban board just for the sub-tasks

Upvote - I’m still searching for the perfect platform, but having subitems accessible in their own Kanban view as individual cards is one of the primary features I’m looking for. Please implement!

Upvote! This would be a huge help for the number of items we are working on which are actually Sub items.

Our staff is trying to buildout Monday as a potential new task/project management tool for our nonprofit. Our staff is mobile, and needs to be able to use the mobile app. Some of the suggested workarounds might work on desktop, but there’s a lot of friction on the app. The fact that Subitems aren’t available on Kanban boards makes the tool infinitely less valuable.

We also need subitems as their own cards in Kanban view. Without it, the Kanban view is useless to us.

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Agreed this would be a very useful function

+1 on this

Sub item should have their own card on the Kanban view, it’s pretty useless at the moment

No, there should be a separate “SubItems Kanban” with cards of their own. The Items they belong to, should be visible on the subitems card - perhaps like a tag, so the team doesn’t lose track of the overall effort the subitem belongs to. But, the Kanban should consist of subitems.

As an example the item we’re working on could be “Website Purchase Flow” experiments within the larger context of Customer UI Enhancements. And the subitems might be efforts on “Checkout Screen,” or “Pricing Cards Overhaul” and another could be “Landing Page Hero Images.” Right now, it’s not super helpful to keep track of “Purchase Flow” in a Kanban by itself with the sub items attached to the Kanban categories, because the component parts can be launched modularly with different dependencies - they’re all in different stages and should be tracked as such.

The progress tracking of the overall item is important. It’s good to know where those larger efforts are, which are paused, ongoing, 75% complete, etc. But on our team, the subitems are more dynamic - it’s where the action is…

SUBITEMS KANBAN view options would be great.

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I’d like to have kanban with all the subitems by status as it is possible for items BUT to manage the subitems only.

upvoting this . needs cards for subitem level instead of just item level.

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We need this too! Kanban cards for subitems – not just subitems shown on parent item card!

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Upvote! I need individual subitems to be cards on a Kanban as well. Thank you!

UPVOTE - 100% agree, I didn’t realize I couldn’t sort by subitem - this is going to be a huge problem with the new board strategy we just spent a bunch of time creating across our company :weary:

Upvote - Kanban and subitems need to be compatible

Upvote! This would be a very handy feature.

Hello Everyone,

Our team at ThoughtFlow is working on an app that allows you to create a kanban view from multiple boards. This also pickups sub items ( as long as they have the same status labels like Todo, In Progress, Done etc).

Here is a short demo of the app

Feel free to sign up here to be notified once its launched . Happy to answer any questions, and hear your suggestions.