Expand subitems as default view

Does anyone know if click up allows this? We went for Monday originally but been seeing a lot of love for click up lately… Not sure what their dev team is like at adding new features and fixing bugs but Monday doesn’t really have any excuses with the amount of revenue they are making atm. How many times do we come across simple things that should have been implemented years ago but they haven’t. Yet the price keeps going up. Don’t be surprised if they offer this feature for enterprise only. Or like with native Monday forms were promised more features but now they have created a new product “workforms” that requires a whole new subscription.

Why does Monday keep ignoring the needs of their user community? Not only having to expand subitems negatively impacting productivity when working on the board, it is annoying to senior management members who want to review the board.

Hi all,

Firstly, we apologise to hear of your frustration and want to assure you that we are doing our best to advocate for these feature requests, especially those with a significant amount of votes. We are actively working on our responsiveness, and recognise that there is certainly room for improvement, so appreciate your patience with us. Just for some background, we are in the process of merging threads that reference the same feature request so that votes are consolidated and the feature can be better prioritised - this particular request being one of them. Your needs and requests are not being ignored, there is much happening behind the scenes, however we do acknowledge we can be more efficient and transparent in our approach, and promise we are working on this! :pray:

Ive been looking through this feature request forum, there isnt a single comment from Monday on specific queries. I think thats your problem, this copy and pasted stuff doesnt really help.

Hey @Gurrier - I’ll definitely take your feedback on board!

As mentioned, we are in the process of merging duplicate requests so that we can pull an accurate pool of votes together to get highly requested features like these considered and developed in the near future. As such, providing specific updates for some feature isn’t as easy or possible, as we want to ensure we have all the data gathered before publicly providing an update that is confirmed and completely accurate - we understand that there are topics that have been requested a significant time back and we do apologise for this. Our team is doing their best to advocate for these features, and have them implemented as efficiently as possible for the community whilst ensuring performance is of the highest standard - we hope you can understand! Because of this (^) we try to maintain consistent and honest communication with you all, however I hear you and will note your comments.

Once we have specifics to provide, you will know about it! :pray:

I hope your dev team also ranks by simplicity. This is low hanging fruit. One button to trigger the appropriate action on one class should do this, if a master class is being used on the sub-item groups.

Regardless, pretty please, can we see this done?

Monday was really great at being at the forefront when we started testing and then using it, but, other project/time manager platforms are going beyond, including with auto expandable sub-items, deep nested sub items and better “smart actions” by default.

I’ve moved a big chunk of my team to Monday, and hope to be able to get back to the point where it’s once again state of the art.

I do understand that integrations are VERY important to the success of Monday, and the usefulness of it to us, but, if the underlying platform stagnates, that doesn’t matter very much.

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Just adding my vote. This DEFINITELY needs to be an option!

Hi @nasmith

Great idea and thanks for sharing your feedback. We’ve discussed the request to expand subitems as default views with the relevant development and they agree with the need for this. As of now, it’s not immediately planned, due to other priorities and team capacity.

We would love to keep hearing how this feature would impact your workflow. Requests like yours help guide us in prioritizing the features that our users care about the most. So keep the ideas coming because your feedback makes a difference.

Have another idea? Submit it here.

Would love to see expand and collapse functionality added to subtasks - as it stands, as soon as you navigate away from a board, the subtasks all collapse into the parent task.
Would love to have an option to keep these open until collapsed back manually. Also, keyboard shortcuts to achieve this would be perfect .

I agree that seems like a simple fix to a very at the least annoying visual issue.


Ya I just spent about 3 hours setting up a new board to use sub tasks but without a way to open and close them all at the same time it’s really no use to me.


Another vote for this feature, or a more obvious way to indicate there are subtasks beyond the small column. We have users who very easily overlook the items when glancing at rows.


PLEASE implement this feature. Every time I change boards, everything collapses again.

  • Expand ALL sub-items in all groups
  • Remember view/settings

Pretty please.

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Hi all,

Firstly, we’d just like to sincerely apologise for the delay in responding to this thread! We are working on improving our responsiveness to the community, particularly our feature request process so appreciate your patience in advance!

On that note, as we pull together all the votes associated with this topic, we would love if you can redirect the votes on this thread, to the primary thread (most voted) here: Expand subitems as default view - as we plan to close this smaller thread in an attempt to consolidate all votes, and better prioritise this feature request based upon the total amount of votes :pray:

It would be extremely useful to add the option to expand/collapse all subitems on a board at once. It’s been my experience that sometimes tasks are overlooked which has resulted in missed deadlines. As a bit of additional information, we consistently add temporary guests to some of our boards who are assigned tasks, and even though we explain that they need to look for Subitems they are sometimes missed anyway.

This would also be extremely useful to our internal users (i.e. those who manage the boards) to be able to expand all subitems at once as it would provide much greater ease to view everything at once instead of having to click each one - especially when we are exporting to Excel. I have spoken with many of our other internal users and everyone agrees that it would be super helpful to add this option.

Hi Monday Team,

It’s been great playing around with this!

My top 3 requests so far:

  1. Unique pulse IDs for each new sub item (to allow for Integromat integrations)
  2. Column summaries (to allow for currency pre-fixes, sums, medians etc)
  3. Sub items to maintain the same expanded/collapsed state after returning from another board (it’s what my mind expects to see)


Issues I’ve encountered:

  1. Unable to drag and drop subitems to other items - even though the subitem follows the mouse as you drag it.
  2. Right-click > Duplicate. The green success box appears but nothing is duplicated.
  3. Right-click > Copy+Paste does nothing

Looking good!
It would be great if the sub-items’ values could be summarized in the main item.
For example, time estimates and spent worktime on sub-items would be convenient to see as one single value in the main item.

Some kind of connection with status columns would also be great. Maybe the same visualization as the checkmarks could be used to indicate (in the main item) how many sub-items that have status X.

I was also thinking about the kanban view. A toggle that could hide/show sub-items as separate cards might be good.


For the most flexibility, I’d say that it’s better not to summarise the sub-items values in the main item. I think that the sub-items should be discrete items in their own right, but with column summaries if needed.


No sure how realistic/implementable this is, but for the way we work, it would be good to have ‘linked boards’ per item.

We have an ‘overview’ board of all of our upcoming jobs, organised into groups per month. For instance, March has 10 items, April 5 and so on. We then have boards that relate to these specific jobs, which break down the content/work we need to do for them further.

With the use of these subtask, on our main board it would be ideal if we could LINK to various board, as opposed to only being able to link to one other board for the whole overview. I know we could set up multiple link columns, but that isn’t an ideal workaround. Ideally, what I would like to do is to be able to set up SUBITEMS within a PARENT ITEM that has a link to one of our more details boards. Each item, ideally, would be able to link to another board, without issue :slight_smile: