Subitems in Views and Automations etc

Subitems need the increased functionality of main Items to realize their full potential.

I’d like to set up different Views beyond the Main Table View for a board that uses Subitems but they can’t be accessed. Only Items in Item Groups appear available for viewing.

I’d also like to set up Notification Automations for a board with subitems but, again, the available Automations only reference the main Items in Item Groups, not the Subitems under Items. For example, a People column and Date column within a Subitem cannot be linked from the Automations menu and therefore no Notification Automation can be created for the tasks I have built into Subitems.

Is there a plan to more fully integrate Subitems into the functionality available to primary Items?

Having more options to use Subitems as another functional layer of hierarchy under Items would dramatically improve their usefulness. Thanks in advance for considering.

Hi @GUM - thanks for sharing these details about your workflow! I definitely understand how increased subitem functionality would be helpful in these situations.

Support for subitems within the different board views and automations are both in planning, so we hope to roll out these out by the end of Q3. You can find our full subitem road map here: Subitem Product Plan


Great, thanks for sharing that roadmap. Looking forward to updates :nerd_face:

Subitems are quite helpful and greatly expand the possibility. Looking forwards to the new updates!