Hide + Sort Subitem Columns

Hey everyone! We thought it would be useful to have the ability to hide Subitem Columns and save that as a View.

Manager vs Lead may have different columns relevant to them at the subitem level, so we would like to create custom views.

We are also still hoping that this feature is added soon.


We are also hoping this gets launched.
@Matias.Monday, do you have any news on the roadmap regarding this feature? Should be easy, no?

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Hello there @Admeirel,

This would be a “regular” feature for monday users.

Since I work with the apps framework and the API, I would not know about any ETAs for it. But we have people monitoring this other sections of the community so someone will soon reply here probably :slightly_smiling_face:


Agreed; this seems like some pretty basic functionality. This will be especially useful as the number of columns and subitem columns grows for complicated projects and for Stakeholder Reviews.

It this feature coming? Highly anticipated for my team!


We’re in a pickle where we have single sales items that branch to multiple production items with different values in another board but because you can’t really link multiple different items with different numbers/values to that main item across boards, it is causing a lot of trouble and resulting in manual updating of numbers between the boards. Subitems can fix this problem but we can’t use the subitem system because the different views don’t affect subitem columns :cry:. We cannot compromise on views as this is why Monday is working for us. This is ultimately frustrating because either we scroll forever on subitems or we don’t use subitems at all and this being stuck with manual work. If anybody has a alternative solution or suggestion we would appreciate it.

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I would also love to see this as an option

We would also need this as a feature!

Any ETA on developping this feature?


Looking forward to being able to use this feature ! When will it be made available ?

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Would be a great feature to add!

Same here! Hoping this feature will be available soon!

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With the new changes, sub-items can now be seen by guests in the shareable, public view and there is no way to filter and hide this column. Please add a way to filter subitems so that they can be hidden just like other groups & columns on public boards.

Agreed. This feature is needed (restored) ASAP.

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Definitely need this feature. I’m not moving to the new board view because of this feature not being available.

Another vote here - need to be able to hide subitems from sharable view asap please :pray:

We will have to choose between detailing our workflow in a single board as subitems and giving our clients the external view they are accustomed to. Please add this functionality!

Agree with all of the above, this is critical. Our main line items are informative for external teams but the sub-items are workflow. We need the ability to hide this information!

I’m noticing that when I hide columns on the main item that it does not hide the same columns in the subitems.

Is this not possible?

+1 but with more flexibility. I’d like to hide subitem columns independently and be able to save that to the board view.