Order management system - item vs. subitem columns

Hi all - I’m new to Monday.com and am struggling to build an order management system for our business. Initially I had all high-level order information (date order, customer name, due date, etc.) on the item level and each subitem was a line item for what was actually ordered (i.e. qty, product name, cost, etc.). However, I have since realized I cannot hide subitem columns so many team members would find it difficult to view the info they need to process the order. Is there any way to create a custom view where where only the appropriate subitem columns are visible? Any other suggestions of how I could reorganize my boards to achieve this hierarchy format?


Hey @BWilliams!

If you’re on the pro plan, had you considered using column permissions?

Whilst the subitem name will still be in view, you can adjust who can view the associated columns.

Alternatively, you can utilise the board permissions, specifically the permission that allows only those assigned to the item/subitem to make edits. That said, they will still able to view the data, unless you’re currently on the Enterprise plan.

Hi Bianca - Thanks for the info, but it sounds like it would still be difficult for our team members to see only the info that applies to them. I’m not concerned with security, moreso that the data is easy to digest. If we had the ability to hide subitem columns we could easily reduce the total column count from 50 to 6-10 total for the appropriate team.

I was hoping there might be some easy way to create a dashboard that could bring in the appropriate subitem columns, but I’m not sure how to make that happen.


Hmm… We are in the process of gradually rolling out subitem filtering within dashboards. Once this becomes available, I wonder if you could achieve your goal through filtering subitems in a table widget?

Would this filtering provide the option to omit certain columns from the view? If so, then yes it might work for us. When do you expect that will be available?