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Wondering if it’s possible to allow certain team members to see selected folders only.

We have team members who come in for only a couple of months to work on an annual campaign that we have. We’ve added these people to our team but would like to give them viewing and editing access to only one folder.

Is this possible, and if so, how do I do this?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Sam :slight_smile:

Good question! We don’t have a way to share just a folder of boards - Are you saying you don’t want those users to see all of your main boards? If so, I would suggest changing these users to guests and then changing the boards you want them to see to be shareable boards which you can then subscribe them to.

They then will only see those boards and none others on the account. If they are invited to multiple boards they will still be treated as part of the number of seats purchased for the purpose of billing but you’ll enjoy the confidentiality applied to guest users - this article will explain how to change their user status :

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Hi Julia,

Yes, exactly that! They’re still kinda ‘within our organisation’, just that they don’t work on any other thing other than this particular project, while the rest of us do.

:pensive: Ahh, okay. Would this be a feature for the team at to consider in future? :grimacing:

Thanks so much for your help. You guys are doing great! Keep it coming!

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I don’t think we would put those restrictions on for members as we believe as much as possible should be transparent between a team. Private boards allow for things that not everyone in the team needs to see to be hidden however, I don’t want to recommend making everything private except for those boards that that small group of users are involved in as this places unnecessary restrictions on your workflow.
The guest restrictions are the best way to get around making everything transparent but pls note, making them a guest means they can’t create their own boards, just work off of those shareable boards they’re subscribed to!

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Thanks Julia, I see where you guys are coming from now. Will look into this and see if I can go ahead with the suggestions you gave. Thanks a bunch! This was really helpful :+1:

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