Support User Permissions for plans under Enterprise

Not at this time @JohnW

Such a weird decision. It should be included on the pro plan, to exclude any non enterprise business from having user permissions is bizarre. Hope this gets a rethink soon :crossed_fingers:

The functionality is there, businesses of all sizes need it and IMO it would actually improve the end user experience for Monday which benefits everyone involved. Win Win.


My team is under the Pro Plan and needs this user permission functionality. We are currently having to create different boards for internal vs external boards. This has created its own set of issues with not being able to automate mirror columns or truly roll up projects like other software allows. If this user permission were provided to us, we would no longer need to create multiple boards for one project (internal only & external). We could simply provide our clients with visibility to certain groups or pulses without them being able to see sub-items. This would simplify the communication between the team doing the work and the individuals that deal with the client directly. Could this be added to the Pro Plan or at a minimum be an add on to the Pro Plan?


100% agree, the fact that this is not possible for Pro Plan users is honestly really ridiculous.

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Hi everyone - as a Partner I have voiced my opinion numerous times. Security should not be a licensed option (maybe minus SSO). Period. All security options should be available at every license level. It is simply irresponsible on Monday’s part to make securing your platform a financial option.

I deal with many clients that do not qualify for Enterprise (20+ seats) but need the security that comes with it.


Hey Everyone,

We certainly appreciate your feedback on which plan this feature should be offered and we’ll pass this to our Product team. For now this feature will be Enterprise exclusive option, if it changes in the future it will certainly be announced.

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Hi @bradley - thanks for this. While I am not asking for all permissions to be added to every license level, things like Workspace based security should be license wide. The big issue - lots of people do not qualify for Enterprise (20+ seats) but need the security. So possibly you could offer a security add-on to other license groups? Just a thought…

Also - please dont make this as solved as it is not at this time.


Hi. This Is not solved Yet…


Echoing the others— why would this issue be marked solved when it’s quite literally not?

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Hi @bradley and Monday Team , i can see the actual efforts in the community to be solving and closing all long-time requested features, and thanks for that, because it can be seen that you are working to launch this most-requested improvements.-

I think that User Permissions is the most requested feature right know, because:

  1. All workflows (most of) requires to set this permissions, mainly the function of hiding pulses between users/clients, because we dont want them to see other assigned pulses that doesnt belong o them.

  2. Without this function we have to create X number of boards for each user/clients we manage in order to prevent showing info that we dont need to show (this consumes more board administration time, and to pay attention to more boards to be updated and the workflows to work properly.

  3. To create dashboards from this X number of boards (instead of only one) its well known that platform performance slows down when this number of connected boards increases.

  4. This function will be a game changer for us non enterprise account users and our client/customers/collaborators because it will be simplifyng all procceses.

  5. This function should be released on at least the pro-plans, because its more probable that basic and standard plan users will be moving to the pro plans instead of changing to enterprise version where not all (or most of) can affort the cost of this changes. We understand the meaning of enterprise plans, but not all belong to enterprise business, we are a low-medium company.

  6. The last argument is because i know that you guys finally will be giving us (monday fans) what we want, because if this took more or less time, you always do. :sweat_smile:


I have 3 employees who will access Monday after it is set up. Why would I give them access to all of my boards? I will manage every single aspect of the company inside of monday - company inventory, gate codes, alarm codes, bills/invoicing, employee onboarding, finance

Why would i give everyone access to this!!? we only have 3 employees we dont need enterprise


Hi, @dfurt - Don’t worry, you don’t have to give your employees access to all boards. You can always make a board Private and then completely control who can view it by who you invite. Item Permissions (this thread) refers to controlling who can see which items (rows) on a specific board that they already have access to see.

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Permissions should be controlled at a global level by admins on any project management software - no matter the subscription tier. Strongly suggest to the Monday team to rethink this and move this across to all tiers.

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I have to agree with that. There are another features that could be tied to subscription type.

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I completely agree, this is one of those things that you would expect to be present in all packages.

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I have made my opinion known on this in the past but to reiterate, I completely agree with everyone above and we are actively searching for replacements because as we grow, there is no way we can justify not being able to control permissions.

And there is no scenario in which the upgrade to Enterprise makes sense for us when literally the only thing we need are basic permissions that every other platform has.

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  • 1 on this topic. Have been on a 2 week trial to try out Monday for our team. I’ve been really impressed. Fresh and visually fantastic. But this really lets them down terribly. I can’t believe they are being so short sighted and discriminating against SMEs and start ups, their biggest champions!

To such an extent I’ll have to look elsewhere. I simply need members to only see projects that they are assigned to (not everything). The same functionality with rows that is available with columns essentially.

Unfortunately I wont be taking up a plan until this is available. Such a shame that I have to start looking for an alternative (anyone suggest/find one btw?)

Many thanks,

@Pg686 - I continue to pressure monday to enable this functionality on other plans. Not everyone needs/qualifies for ENT licensing. This needs to be made available for atleast the PRO plan.


@mark.anley hi!
I hope you can achieve this.
I know some other middle/great business thst arent moving to monday because of this.


Completely agree, locking away permission settings behind the enterprise tier (including being able to regulate visibility of items based on assignment via a person column) is extremely limiting the Pro tier in its ability to grow to larger teams without immediately triggering the Enterprise upsell.

As a nonprofit we don’t have the ability to move to Enterprise from a cost perspective so now we’re wasting time with workarounds in Pro instead of just being able to use existing, but tier-gated functionality. So frustrating.