New Feature Request for Board Permissions

Would like to submit a new feature request to enhance the permissions on boards to go farther then what is currently there. Right now we have boards where we would like to be able to control who can create new items within the board, but still want them to be able to edit information within the items that have been created, but there is no permission to do this at this point unless you use a person column, which we have multiple people that “own” the information within that item in the board so this is not possible for us. Would be great to get more security/permissions available for the boards.

I agree an upgrade to board permissions would be great. It would also be great to be able to make guests board owners, or have some way to give them board owner type permissions. For example, we have shared boards that a third party is using to feed us information, and I want my team members to be able to view but not edit these boards. Would be great to be able to have that restriction in place.


I echo the above posts. To expand further – the standard Board Permissions seem too black & white, when there may need to be some consideration for additional privileges, or even things that admins can control versus standard users/members. For example, the “Edit content” permission level should not be allowed to Archive or Delete Boards, and they should not be allowed to change Item Terminology - these functions should only be available to Admins or Board Owners.


I agree the whole permissions structure needs improvement.

You can’t even lock regular users out of changing views and saving them without also preventing them from creating new items or editing items without being assigned to them. Just dumb. Views are board structure, I dont want end users to change board structure - but I cant stop this without crippling the board functionality.


Hear, hear :pray:

There are cases when you want to give ownership automatically to a Team and not Users one by one.
Team members change and we should not have to manage that by hand on all our boards.