New Editing Permission on Board

Request to update the editing permissions within ‘board permissions’ for each board. Currently the options are…

  1. Edit everything on the board
  2. Edit the board’s content without changing its structure
  3. Only edit items or subitems that users are assigned to
  4. Write updates on items only

I’d like a 5th option added, which would become the 3rd if added to above, which is “Only edit the board’s content”. Permissions for this new level would be… “What can be added / edited / deleted:”
Y - Items
Y - Updates
N - Views
N - Automations
N - Columns
N - Groups

With this permission, users can edit all content on the board, regardless of who it’s assigned too, but not be able to add/edit/delete any views or automations.

For us, this new user group would be used by all team members who are not managers.