Restrict guests from creating items on the board while still having the ability to edit items on the board.

I cannot currently find a way for guests of a board to have the ability to edit items and their respective columns while not being able to create items and sub-items.

I know you can restrict permissions of columns, however I see no column edit restrictions for the Item column itself.

People will inevitably accidentally click “create item” or “create sub-item” when you have hundreds of people using the same board, just wish we could turn off that capability entirely while still allowing them to interact with the board in other ways.

Maybe I’m just missing the menu where it’s possble.

Thank you for reading,


Hey @Dylan.townes,

Would this particular permission interest you?

It would require you to assign guests to the specific items, however it would ensure that they’d only be able to make edits to the item, without the ability to create new items.

What do you think? :slight_smile: