Allow the Board Permission "Edit Content only in items assigned to them in a people column" to be applied to subitems

I would like to be able to prevent people from editing subitems they are not assigned to.

Yes we really need this feature as well

We also need this ability. As subitems are just as important as their parent item, but often require the work of multiple people. It makes the board permissions in this case functionally ineffective because we have to allow “Edit Content” for the entire board, which defeats the purpose overall.

We need this as well. It makes the board permissions not functional if we have to restrict it to an assignee only, but then doesn’t work for any subitems they’re assigned.

+1, we are assigning items to users but they can’t add subitems under an assigned item. It would be nice to have granular permissions to allow users to edit subitems when assigned an item.