Disable or enable the possibility to create subitems in board settings

We constantly experience the problem that users create sub-items in boards where they are not intended to. We want to make sure that each board is as intuitive as possible to use in the intended way, which means that we consider this to be one of the most fundamental things you should be able to define. When sub-items was a column that you decided to add, this wasn’t needed but since subitems become a more integrated part of the UI, this setting is really necessary in our opinion.

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Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Jimmy! It’s good to hear your perspective and we’re passing on your feedback to our team.

Perhaps in the meantime, using the board permissions could prevent people from making too many changes where you don’t want them to in specific boards?

What board permission would prevent users from being able to create subtasks do you mean? We use board permissions for many other things, but maybe I don’t understand how to use them to disallow creation of subitems.

guessing that she never responded to this question?

Hi @erozencwaig - currently there is no permission setting to block the creation of subitems without blocking edit access to the entire board.

Hopefully this feature will come soon.