Usergroup guest: Board Access only for subitems? Board Berechtigungen (Gast) für Unterelemente?

Is it possible to manage Board restrictions for single subitems?
It’s just about the rights of usergroup guest for creating updates.

(in my use case every boards item includes different tasks for different people - of course this could be managed with the team member group but this would get expensive ; )

Cheers - Daniel

Hi @Shellfish :wave:

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At the moment the most granular permissions that can be added to a board are at the item level, not the subitem level, I’m afraid.
If you decide to set permissions on the parent level these will also apply to all of the subitems under that parent item.
It’s worth noting that the item level permissions are currently exclusive to our Enterprise plan.

If the Enterprise plan might be relevant for you, you could convert your subitems into parent level items and then apply the item level permissions.
You can read more about this feature here: Item Viewing Permissions

I hope this helps!

ok, thank you for clearing!

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You’re welcome @Shellfish! :tada:

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