Private board assigned item for non-board member

I have a private task board that can only be viewed by specific board members. However, there are tasks on the board that require participation from individuals who are not part of the board. I want to ensure that these non-board members can only see the specific tasks they are assigned to, without being able to view the entire board. A feature where if a non-board member is assigned to an item on the private board, they would only see that particular item and any other tickets assigned to them, but not the rest of the board.

Hey @kaylau,

Thanks for your feature request!

We currently offer a feature on our Enterprise plan called Item Viewing Permissions which only allows users to view items that they’re assigned to. Is it this type of feature that you’re referring to?

Whilst you’d still need to invite these users to the private board, if they’re non-board owners they’d only see those items they’re assigned to.

Hi @BiancaT,

I appreciate your prompt reply. Indeed, this is exactly what I was alluding to! I’m pleased to learn that this feature is accessible through the Enterprise Plan, in case our company decides to enhance our current plan.

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Hi @BiancaT ,
is there a way to finetune the viewing permissions?
We have a similar situation:
A board where some members are supposed to see everything, while other useres are supposed to see only their assigned items.
We do not want to make the users who need to see everything board owners, but I can’t find another way to let them view the entire board.

Hey @FredW,

This is a good question. I am afraid at this time, it isn’t possible to set permissions per board per user. If there is a group of users who you’d like to be viewers across all boards, you can adjust their user type in the admin settings… that said, if you were to apply item viewing permissions per board, this would apply for all users (apart from the board owners). Let me know if this makes sense :pray:

I see, this would be something I believe a lot of people could make use of, I hope it is on the roadmap for Monday in the not too distant future :wink:

Which setting did you mean with “be viewers across all boards”? Would this allow these users to view all items of all boards, or are you referring to the pre-existing role of “viewer”?

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As for the viewers, I am afraid I was referring to the pre-existing user-type. That said, I agree that this would be a valuable addition to the platform! Feel free to share this around to get the votes up!