Shareable Boards Should be Visible to Non-Subscribers!

It BAFFLES me that shareable boards are not visible to teammates…

We’re a 150-seat account. We often invite guests to our collaborative boards. For that we need to change the board type to shareable. However, non-subscribers are then blocked from accessing or even seeing the board! Half of my day is spent figuring out who can / can’t see my shareable boards… This destroys workflow. And sucks.

Shareability should not be entangled to privacy!

Suggestion: Shareability and Privacy should be toggles instead

This way, you can have a shareable and public board, a shareable and private board, a non-shareable and public board (currently main board), and a non-shareable and private board (currently private board).

I agree with you, terminology is important here – sharable in this case means invite only and is so confusing. Even as an admin, I can’t see “shareable” boards, which seems like a similar bug.

TL;DR The term “sharable” is easily misconstrued and when used on, becomes a pain point.

Completely agree with this!

Commenting to share my support for this feature request. I want to be able to work with guests on my main boards. I want everyone on my team to be able to see the content of those boards without being added as members.

The way shareable boards are currently designed, they are basically private boards.