What is the real difference between shareable and private boards?

Shareable boards (available on Standard plans):

Are ONLY accessible by those the board is shared with either INSIDE your organisation or OUTSIDE your organisation.

Private boards (available only on PRO plans):

Are ONLY accessible by those the board is shared with INSIDE your organisation.

I don’t understand why shareable boards would be available on the cheaper tier? What’s the point in having a private board when shareable boards do everything private boards do but also allow you to invite someone from outside the organisation?

Am I missing something?

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Hey @JTL! Thanks for sharing this great question and distinction. Private boards are not visible in the left pane to users within the account unless they have been subscribed to the board itself. Shareable boards allow you to share information with those outside your organization and WILL be visible from the left pane even if a user is not invited or subscribed. Guests only see shareable boards in the left pane that they’ve been invited to join. There is more visibility surrounding shareable boards than private boards. Because we offer guests as part of the Standard plan this is where shareable boards become more valuable. Private boards can hold sensitive data, even in the board title, that may not want to be seen across members of the organization. Hope this helps! Cheers!

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