Main Shareable Boards

Hello Everyone!

I am not sure if anyone else is running into this problem, but it never hurts to share it! Basically, this background story starts with my company having fantastic interns. Because they are temporary, they are guests on Monday and are given access where needed.

The problem is that means that I have to make almost every board Shareable when most of the boards do not need to be private. I am not obliged to tagging the “everyone in the company” option, but the issues I am having are forcing me to give access to team members for boards they do not need because of a couple of mirror columns that are randomly hiding themselves on the older boards.

If you found a loophole or need more information, please let me know! To recap my request, I definitely could use a board that is shareable for guests but is public/main on the account to prevent (1) mirror columns automatically hiding themselves and (2) team members needing access to boards that need to be kept private.

I appreciate anyone’s help :slight_smile: