Using Monday boards with clients

Hi, is there a way to have a private chat on a board internally and have a separate chat with clients in a separate column? We use Monday for client approvals and have internal discussions and external. Any ideas? I know you have restrict access to specific columns but I’m look at potentially identifying two duplicate comments/chat columns with different permissions. Thanks!

Hi @NikkiJC!

At this time, I’d say the best option here is to set up 2 seperate text columns and set the relevant permissions on each - which I believe is along the lines of what you mentioned. I mention this as currently the updates section (which in my opinion is the most suitable place to have internal conversations) cannot be restricted - so those conversations would be visible to your clients. That said, can I ask if setting up these 2 columns could work for you in the meantime?

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Yes thanks Bianca - thats how we are doing it atm.

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