"Conversations / Updates View" for better communication overview

Hello everybody :slightly_smiling_face:,

I have now been working with Monday Projects for a few months and using the “conversations”/ “updates” in tasks helps me quite a lot in moving my communication with clients to one place and platform.

**TL;DR: **
Feature request is about the possibility to add a view to boards, that only shows all updates/ conversations made in tasks and sub-tasks, so board owners and users can have an overview about all relevant communication made, sorted by date.

The issue I start having is, that once projects grow bigger, the amount of comments, requests and feedback rises daily.

When I read through notifications I start prioritizing on importance and urgency, meaning I have to go back to certain client topics immediately, while others are processed at a later point in time.

Now, keeping an overview gets more and more complicated, the more projects I am involved in.

So my request would be to have a board view, that shows me ALL updates / conversations made on that board, including comments I have made. Optimally with options to filter by user, filter out updates made by automation, show conversation strings or at least sort by time (ascending / descending).

That way my team members and I could easily get an overview about all client responses and ongoing conversations without having to click through the tasks and see which were recent. (If you were on a vacation for a week every conversation bubble is grayed out anyway)

Is it possible to get such a feature in the near future?
The benefits of using Monday Projects is currently not the functionality (other programs are better suited to that, when it comes to project management tools and depth) but in ease of use when working on a project directly with clients.

Pls let me know if my request was not clear (English is not my mother tongue), then I will try to be more specific in my explanation.

Looking forward to community feedback and Monday.com replies.

I am not sure if you have figured out a resolution. But you could add a board view, then there is the option to add a blank view, then from there you can add an updates widget which I think shows what you are looking for?

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Hi Tori,

thanks for the reply. I will give this a shot later today. My mind is sometimes not agile enough to think around all these corners to get to where I want to be in Monday :wink:

I understand! We are implementing it now so I am clicking and playing around in it.

Your workaround works well for me. Thanks again, much appreciated!

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