Mark an Item as Private (only viewable by assignees)

Hello! I am asking for a permission column or a check box on the item card (whatever is easier!) to indicate the task is private/confidential so only people assigned can see that task but can see all others on the board whether assigned to them or not. Hear me out:

Transparency on our workload to our internal customers for our roadmap, feature requests, and projects is important, so we want anyone to be able to view our board. However, our teams sometimes work on sensitive projects that even potentially others on the team should not be aware of yet. If I add board permissions to only see items they are assigned, they stop being able to see/cross pollinate on other work going on throughout the team. However, if I leave the visibility open, I have to manage sensitive projects on another board, making it hard to do workload/sprint planning, and the people have to hop between boards.

I want the ability to just check a box or have a column to indicate private/confidential, that would allow only board owners and people assigned to seethe information on the task, but anyone not on the task would still see the placeholder item (I have seen this elsewhere with the little triangle with a ! in it).

This would also solve some of the roll up boards for high level/executive view boards which break when people updating columns to new boards don’t have permissions to other boards, so as soon as they make an update it wipes out the settings for the other boards. (You will always have some boards that will need to remain private, but for most of our work, that is not true).

Let me know if this is unclear, but this would make visibility and permissions so much easier to manage.

Thank you for your consideration!