Is it possible to hide a group?


There is a group that I have of tasks yet to be scheduled on a board. Is it possible to have this group hidden from view so that only selected people can see it?

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Hi @nickmaxwell,

Right now, we don’t have the ability to hide groups from view, just columns using the advanced permissions.

If you don’t want to schedule them right now and don’t want them to be viewed yet by others, why not create a private backlog board (or main board) from which you can then move the tasks to your execution board when you’re ready for them to be worked on? That’s how we work here :slight_smile:

Thanks Julia - That sounds like a workable solution!

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We would really love to be able to hide groups as well. The solution offered is fine if it is only one board, but we work with all our onboarding clients with taskboards and they get a bit daunting when they start. So it would be great if we can hide a group with tasks that are not due yet and add them to the list as we go, to keep the to-do list for our clients short & sweet.
would be great to have an automation for it too! :slight_smile: ie if a status changes to done, dependency is moved to visible group or something nifty like that.
Anja how do you hide columns from view using the advance permissions?

@Cande21 See “How to restrict column view”