Is it possible to hide a group?

The item level permissions seems like a step in the right direction; however, it’s very disappointing this is only available on enterprise. We are a small team that works with clients. We’d like to be able to put all tasks related to a project on a board, and then simply have one group that’s internal-only tasks that only our team can see. Managing those on another board is really not scaleable because it duplicates the number of boards we have and makes it difficult to look at one project at a time in one place.

If we were to use Item level permissions, it seems to mean we would have to have two person columns – a single owner column and then another person column that has every team member on every item just so they can see task dependencies.

All in all, it’s disappointing that there are not permissions for groups. Is this on the roadmap for Pro plans?


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We’re in the same position. As a nonprofit we simply can’t afford to move to an enterprise plan. Our inability to hide some groups or items from view on the Pro plan leads to very inefficient and non-sustainable workarounds. This feature really needs to be reviewed for inclusion in the Pro plan.


I think this request Will be called as…



I completely agree with the community here. Monday is a phenomenal tool but to hide item view behind enterprise is insulting.

Consider this for a second.

You are business owner and you have resellers. You don’t want your resellers to steal the other contacts that other resellers have pulled into your system.

You also want the reseller to make changes on the board as they are the ones involved with the client.

You also don’t want each individual to have their own board because you want to have the ability to filter their progress on one board.

Does it not make sense to have a view that the reseller can only see items assigned to them? The items that they created?

That is a seriously basic feature that you would expect a system to have if you are promoting your system as a lead management system.

To hide this behind a massive pay gate is completely shameful and I am really disappointed that you guys have taken this approach. I seriously love your system but sometimes I feel that you just miss the basics.



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