Separate Groups or Column Hiding

Is there a way to separate the groups from each other so they can have their own columns? If not, is there a way to hide columns on specific groups so they can appear to have their own columns? If not, can we get one of these options please?

Hi @KelliATB - and welcome to the community.

At this time within a board you cannot change/hide columns within specific groups. All changes made apply to all groups within the board.

Agreed with @KelliATB, this would be really helpful!

Often times, columns do not apply to all the groups in the board and causes a lot of excess columns for the whole board.

Is this on the roadmap?

Hi @Randi1 - I have not heard of this on the roadmap and it would offer a lot of complexity to implement. Having groups within a board stay the same adds continuity for reporting which would be lost with having varying group designs per board.

If you have significantly variation in board designs it always best to split into different boards. There are also creative ways around this with mirroring of fields, etc. from other boards, but this of course is dependent on your use case.

We are always more than happy to discuss design approaches in complementary sessions if you are interested. If so, feel free to reach out to me here and also check us out online!

Take care,

@mark.anley Thanks for getting back to me and explaining the complexity in making this update. My specific use case is around cleaning up mirrored fields that do not apply to that particular group.

In this example, we have a “Blog Publish Date” mirror column that feeds in from another board. This date is only helpful for one of the groups (Header/Blog Image) and not the others.

It would be helpful to hide the mirror column in the other groups. Let me know if you have a suggestion on how to clean this up!

Hi @Randi1. A simple workaround to this would be to use a combination of filters and hidden columns. You could setup a filter that removes the group that is populated with this data, then hide the column entirely and save as a new board view.

Another idea, you could also setup a specific board just for this instance where the date is populated. You could then connect the multiple boards up into a single overview.

They are workarounds but may offer what you need to cleanup your board views.