Customize Columns per Group

Hi. I would like for users to have the ability to customize columns labels and column types by group and sub-group.

I did review and old feature request from 2019 asking for this same thing; however I didn’t see any clear response from The link provided as to why has not approved this request is broken.

If we are using a board with more than one group, sometimes the group columns or sub-item columns may need a different set of columns. I can’t customize my board if I am restricted to limiting all my groups to only one other group’s column needs. Separating out the groups into their own boards also doesn’t make sense if I want to invite a customer to their one board with all their groups. If I have five different groups in my board, that means I would have to invite my client to five different boards just to get more freedom to customize each groups columns! It would turn my workflow from 12 client boards to over 60 to track the different processes in my workflow for our clients! Not sure if you can review my boards, but the example I am talking about is our “Athletes” Workspace / The Path Template. This template consists of 6 different groups and over 60 different items and subitems.

There has to be a way that you can program in a toggle system that allows us to tell the board to change all the columns for each group with my next action OR only the current columns I am customizing.

thank you for your consideration!

Hi @Lisa365 - There are no plans that I know of to allow different columns to be configured per group. However, I think you can achieve a lot of what you want by creating custom board views for each stage of the process or type of group.

For example, when we work with mortgage brokers there is different information needed for pre-approved buyers vs. loans in processing vs. loans approaching ready to close that week. Loans in the pipeline are in separate groups but exist on the same board. We work with our mortgage broker clients to set up custom board views for each part of the process. That way, only the relevant columns show up. Image 2021-08-29 at 3.20.14 PM