Different columns in different groups within one board

We want to have one project under one board and we have multiple groups working within the same project. We want to have a new group with different columns which pertain to another area working on the same project.

Hi @dawnvisinta - It’s a core feature of how monday․com is designed that all items on a single board all share the same column structure. Subitems can have their own structure that is different, but all subitems on the same board will have the same columns. You can’t change this by Group. Wanted to let you know you aren’t missing any secret or tip! That’s just how it works.

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We would love this feature. The Tables feature in MS Excel allows this ie, you can add multiple tables to the one sheet and thus different columns per table. It’s a major inhibitor of what we would like to do with monday.com that the columns must be the same across all groups.

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I’ve been asking for this feature as well. Alas, it makes too much sense for it to be implemented.

Yes, except you can’t import an excel to sub items, only to regular items. Either let us import excel to subitems or let us change the columns for a group so we can import that excel to the group with different coloumns.