Different columns in different groups within one board


I’m looking for a way to change a column’s name within the 2nd group in a board, without affecting the same column’s name at the 1st group in the same board.

Is there a way to do that? If not, is this something you can add?


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Hey @Yinon
I move this here as I think it’s pretty connected!

Right now it’s not possible. The thread above includes links to a blog which explains why and other discussion which I think you might find useful :slight_smile:

Would love to hear more about your use case?


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Hey @Julia-monday.com,
Thanks for directing me to this useful discussion! :slight_smile:

Per you question about my use case:
Let’s say that my team tracks our weekly progress of a certain project.
This project consists of several items, each is represented by its own column. These items stay the same for the most part, but sometimes they do change slightly from one week to another, depends on the team’s focus that week.

I’d like the columns’ names to reflect these changes, without having to create a separate board for each week.
Since there are many weeks in a year, I’m afraid that the Table widget won’t be useful here.

I’d like to echo @Lobster’s suggestion to add this feature as an optional one. As @Ster wisely said - after all it’s our own mess to handle… :wink:

Thanks again and keep being awesome!

Wow! I would love to see all 131 columns you have! My team would definitely benefit from seeing it build out like this. Super impressive!


You can get the same affect by creating different columns and custom views based on users. Also by controlling who can see which columns. Not an exact solution but more of a work around.

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Thanks for the tip, @Aksalano! I’ll make sure to look into it.
However, as you said, it doesn’t really solve the problem since the issue is with columns that are changing on a weekly basis, not separate columns that are slightly different from each other. I want the same people to be able to track the evolution of the column, if that makes sense…

I would also love to be able to do this!!
Specially now that the subitems feature is arriving. For example, for our products prototype/design stage, a series of tests and measurements are done. Each type of test has different goals, targets, parameters, so it would be really helpful to be able to customize each one as a separate group, but still having them all in the same board. That way, it’s easier to see if we are heading in a good direction.
As to things becoming messy, I think each user should be the judge of that. :slightly_smiling_face:

I too see benefits, esp. now that sub-items have arrived! :grinning:

A simple resolve to this may be to use the “item” as an optional header (w/ no columns associated w/ the header line item) and the “sub-items” available for customization as needed below each header.

Yes, good thinking. I was also thinking along the same lines.

Items can now act as sub-group headers.

This one

[quote=“Lobster, post:1, topic:1839”]
able to make different groups have different columns
[/quote] its super relevant to us.
when a form created, the columns names is the form questions, so its not possible to create a form in the same board whit outer needs (like a customer details that we want to send the forme to).

Honestly, I dident understand yet why it’s not possible.
The messy explanation is not understandable to me, order or messy is subjective matter.

It’s a technical issue?

I completely agree with the importance of this use case! Similarly to the other users, I am trying to create an executive-level dashboard view where I can show timing of projects within standardized project phases relative to one another. Having each column represent an Item is far too detailed for this view, and creating multiple different boards is clunky and doesn’t solve the intended use case for easily viewing relative timing.

We would love to see this feature! Our boards would be so much cleaner and easier to work through :slight_smile:

@asaf-bit Would you mind confirming if you would like multiple forms to be able to update the same item?

If I’m following correctly, the use case is that a form will be submitted, but then you would like to additionally capture customer details in a separate form, which would then update the same item.

At the moment, forms will create new items, however, this is excellent feedback we’d love to take to our developer team.

@loren.wilson_bridg I’m wondering if revisiting the structure of this board could help with the executive dashboard - for example, what if we used status columns as the standardized phases and items as the projects?

How do you feel this option would work for you?

Hey all :slight_smile:

This is my first time in the community - not sure if I should start a new thread or add to this one.

Our architecture firm would benefit from this added feature. We have individual boards for each project to list all of the phases and tasks that need to be completed over the course of the project. The project managers/drafters use the project boards.

The CEO/lead architect wants nothing to do with the individual project boards - too much information. He wants a snapshot of all of the projects in one place so we created a Project Overview board that has a structure to suit his needs.

Keeping both the project boards and the Project Overview updated with the current status of any given project duplicates the work for the project managers. Unless there have been recent updates to expand mirroring capabilities, I haven’t been able to get the project boards and the Project Overview to talk to each other. Can text boxes mirror across boards even though the group structure is different? Can individual status buttons mirror in the same condition? I’m open to using the features that Monday already has.

The best solution I can think of is having a separate group on each project board that is a mirror of that project line on the Overview. Any changes that happen in one space update in the other.

Thanks for your help, y’all.

@Julia-monday.com the link to that blog explaining why you cant change columns for each group does not exist anymore and I have tried searching for another blog that explains this but cannot find it at all. I think its pretty obvious to see that there are a number of users who are definitely wanting this feature and I am certainly one of them.

To say that it should not exist because it will make things messy or clunky is completely subjective to the user. When I had heard of this platform the main thing that stood out to me was that you could customize ANYTHING to suit your needs. That was one of the main value propositions that I would say is at the core of what makes people love using Monday.com and yet this is a pure example of a very obvious feature that would truly enable one to have more customization and its been ignored for a number of years despite customers repeatedly asking for it or confirming that it is something they would definitely want to utilise.

Why is this feature still not available?

I can understand if they don’t want different column types per group (although that would be nice). As a user, it would be nice to have a little more flexibility in that the column names could be different per group even if you have to keep the column the same through out all of the groups. I think users are using this tool in more advanced ways and it would be nice to see the platform adjust to this as well.

I know we have a lot of use for this and I may suggest a different type of board that could be set up in this manner but not be able to connect to Dashboards which I believe is impacting some of the technical ability.

We are using a board to help us track our onboarding status and based on different groups of timing (30 Days, 60 Days, etc.) we really need the ability to change columns. No one on my team wants to manage this through multiple boards since we have a fairly large number of boards for various processes and project management. I board dedicated to highly flexible tracking would be definitely needed.

Hi @ProtocolLabsLead

Welcome to the community! Have you considered different views (30 Days, 60 Days) etc. and hide columns specific to each view? That way you can still have one board with different (viewable) columns.