Edit column in groups

I am wondering what I am doing wrong, because I am sure there is a solution for something as simple as dividing one board into different groups, with different column mirroring in each group.
I have connected my board to an other board, and each group should be mirroring a different column. Only when I try to edit a column, it edits it for all the groups. I don’t want to create 4 boards instead of a single clear one. What it the solution?
Thank you very much!

Welcome to the Monday community!

You can’t have different columns for different groups in Monday. The system doesn’t work that way. (this has pros and cons)

To make the most of Monday, I am learning that often I have to create several boards to manage one process, then I connect them up with the Connect and Mirror columns, using saved Views to highlight the information I need, or sometimes a dashboard.

Hi @Marine1 :wave:

As @TheOtherPM noted, we don’t currently allow different column structures per group.
We want to make sure that your boards are coherent for your team members, and allow for the easy dragging and dropping of items between groups. With this in mind, we do currently require the column layout to be consistent throughout the board.

However, you can use the hide columns feature along with the board filters to get different views of your board per group without the irrelevant columns:


Alternatively, if you decide to split your groups into different boards, you can then create a Dashboard that will combine information from multiple boards. Dashboards allow you to pull data from different boards into one place. Using The Table Widget you can place multiple boards with different columns and include them all in the same place.

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



Thank you for your detailed answer! This is really a pity because none of those solutions are ergonomic for my use :frowning:
I do think, in some cases, editing the columns allow for the board to be more coherent. Example:

  • With a form, my team can request translations in 12 languages

  • These requests are displayed in a main massive board, with the status of each request.

  • I want the team to have access to their languages groups (ex: South Europe= Italian, Portuguese, Spanish) to see the status for each of request. I first created a board per language group, with languages as “group of item”, mirroring the column status of my main board. This was a perfect display, but the column will mirror the status of one language only.

  • If I create filter views, I make it messy, adding unnecessary columns that the team has to filter out.

  • The dashboard is only interesting to me for the battery widget, but then the team has to click on the battery, and scroll a lot to see everything.
    None of those solutions are making the workflow more consistent.

I hope the possibility to edit the columns will be released soon :slight_smile: I am sure they are thousands of different use cases, and in some of them the more flexibility the better too keep consistency!
Thank you again for your time