Can you have different column names in each group on the same board?

I’m Maryam :smile:
very new to this community and tool!
I intended to use this project management to monitor my PhD research with my supervisors.
I’m wondering if I can change the column label for different groups without applying this changes to the others within the same board?
I hope my question is clear


Welcome to Monday and the community! I think I understand your question.

It looks like your photo is a snip of two groups and you want the column names to be different per group. That is unfortunately not an option currently and due to Mondays structure, I don’t think it ever will be. Boards -> Groups -> Items -> Subitems all have to translate and having different column labels wouldn’t work well with automations, API calls etc. Maybe the option of “sub labels” in the future but I don’t think i’ve seen that talked about yet. Can you rename your columns to be more generic and then just have more status options that would be used in different groups? I think that would be the simplest option.

One possible workaround for you would be using Sub-Items. That would allow for different items within an item but that still may not be what you are looking for.

Another option might be to have a High Level board that creates and links items to separate boards(instead of separate groups).

Let me know if this helps, or if you need help setting up a high level board that automatically creates and links items to other boards.

Thanks Andrew.
I understand now why it’s won’t be able to be changed.
So I’ll tried the second option and create another board that includes different columns.
I appreciate your explanation and help .


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