Can I create 1 field for a group?

Rookie here.
Is it possible to just create a field for a specific group in my board?|
So I don’t want it to create a column that is an option for all my groups?
Really just 1 checkbox field for my first group on my board.

Sorry if this is so nooby.


No. The columns on a board exist for the whole board… every group has the same columns.

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Hi @Jarrodgrimshaw :wave:

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As @JCorrell mentioned, we do currently require the column structure to be the same across all of the groups on the board.
This allows you to maintain a cohesive structure across the board and easily move items between various groups.

That said, you can add subitems to the board, and these can have a different structure to the parent level items.
Additionally, you might like to try creating filtered board views.
This would allow you to temporarily hide any unnecessary columns in your filtered view. You can then switch back to the main table view when you want to see all columns on the board again.

You can do this by selecting the eye symbol at the top of the board, unchecking the box for the column/s you’d like to hide, and then saving these selections as a new view.

You can read more on this here:

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :smiley:



Thank you for the great suggestions! I will definitely use a filtered view :slight_smile:

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