Unique columns between groups

I would really love it if I had the ability to set each group up within a board with their own individual columns rather than the change made on one group propagating down to the other groups. Sometimes you don’t want the same columns in each group. Please and thank you! :slight_smile:

Would having specific group level column visibility work? The general structure is a board has one set of columns - and today views set the visible columns. It wouldn’t be feasible to have separate sets of columns for each group, but may be more viable to have group level column visibility controls on views.

Thanks Cody. Could you show me an example?

I don’t have an example! Sorry, I’m trying to clarify what you want (even though I don’t work for monday). I don’t think having different structures between groups would be possible - but if your request was phrased “per group column visibility” you might get more traction. When feature requests get reviewed - the product managers are going to go “we can’t have unique board structures per group” and reject it. So phrasing the request as something that CAN be delivered gives you a better chance of seeing it happen one day. In this case “column visibility controls for each group” might actually be possible, so it won’t get rejected as easily.

also, Customize Columns per Group

Ok, thanks so much!