Hide whole Groups

Being able to hide groups from certain users.


Hi Andrew,

Groups lack many of the features of other monday.com entities such as items, subitems, and boards. You can think of groups more like a status column presented in a different way. So unfortunately, they cannot be used in the way you’re describing.

Some other options:

  1. If you’re on an Enterprise plan, advanced permissions features would allow you to assign and unassign people based on item movements in and out of groups. You could then use that assignment to manage access.
  2. Create an additional board. This comes with its own set of challenges, but board-level permissions are the basic tool given by monday.com to manage access.
  3. Get creative with your data. Consider what data might be stored or managed elsewhere. For instance, it might be practical to mirror in sensitive data from another board, or to include locked columns in formulas that limit access for certain users. It’s hard to create a concrete suggestion without fully understanding your solution and I suspect suggestions 1 or 2 will be more useful, however creative workarounds can help.
  4. Wait for monday.com to release their feature which allows you to hide the main table. I’m not sure this will necessarily solve your problem, but it may also present additional options.

If we would have the privacy option of restricting a certain group from a certain user, we would’nt have to make all these automations, dependent and/or mirror columns. Monday.com is so advanced in certain aspects, but lacks in others.

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I’m facing a raicing condition with my automations and to hide a group would be a perfect solution for this. Any chance to get this implemented?