Filter view by "is not Me"

So there is this feature already Set a filtered view for "Me", and set this view as default, so team members are always filtered to themselves. However, we need the exact opposite of this and for some reason it wasn’t released along side this one which was surprising to me.

For our specific case, we want it to show ones that are not assigned to the person viewing the board. Can this please be added in the “is not” section of the filters?

Hey @Macainian,

If I am understanding correctly, you are able to achieve this via our advanced filters - i.e. person “is not” you being assigned?

Is this along the lines of what you’re looking to achieve? Let me know :slight_smile:

Hi, yes that option is available, you are correct, but that is not what I am asking for. I am asking for “Me” not “Sarah”. See the “is” list for reference. It will have “Me (dynamic)” and then the non-dynamic one below it. We want to save the view with “is not Me (dynamic)”. If you save the view with “is not Sarah”, then the view is useless for anyone else and then each person would need their own view. If you don’t save it, then every time each person goes to that view, they would have to keep applying that filter which is annoying.

I hope that clarifies things.

Hey @Macainian - thanks for clarifying! I also apologise as I can understand the confusion this may have caused - in my own account my name is Sarah, however for the purpose of this question I have changed my name back so it’s more clear.

That being said, I do understand where you’re coming from here regarding filtering dynamically… In the meantime I’d recommend the above suggestion whilst this particular feature is not currently supported - thanks in advance! :pray:

There was no confusion on my part when I said Sarah previously. I was simply describing it from your perspective.

The issue is that “is not Me (dynamic)” is not the same as “is not Rob” (which is my name btw) and thus the only option, as you described in your suggestion, is for me to use “is not Rob”. The issue is that then I also need other views that say “is not Adam”, “is not Travis”, “is not Harrison”, “is not Joseph”, “is not Grant”, etc.

That is a lot of views to accomplish what a single view should be able to do. Therefore, this suggestion does not work for me.

EDIT: So I just got done demoing to my team and found that non-admins can save a filter to their view without it changing for everyone. This is a solution for non-admins, but what do admins do, as their save will be for everyone. There probably should be separate saves for admins. One save to save to the global view and one save to save to the personal view of the admin. So until there is a proper solution for this, our hacky solution will be to remove all admins to the system except me and then everyone will save the filter on the view to their user-specific filter and then I alone will have to bite the bullet on having to set the filter all the time instead of the entire team.

I love this idea. Basically, everyone would have two views. One is their list (assigned to me (dynamic)) and the other is like an assigned to others (assigned to not me (dynamic)).

Ex: Let’s say my team consisted of myself (Christy), Rob, Adam, Travis, Harrison, Joseph, and Grant. When I’m logged in (as Christy) I’d get a view of Christy’s items and a second view of everyone but my items making it easier to see what the rest of the team is working on whilst keeping my own work separate. When Rob logs in, he could access the same two boards but view Robs’ and everyone but Rob’s without having to make is own personal view or change the filter options each time. All other members of the team would have the same two boards with automatically updating filters based on who is logged in. Perfect!

Nvm. On the EDIT on my previous post. We were mistaken. I am not exactly sure what it is doing but it looks like non-admins do not have the ability to have personal filters. So we are back to square one. Can you please add the “is not Me” feature?

Does anyone know if there is an app or integration that can do this?