Why is my default board view set to a specific filter?

So, my board has been working perfectly for a couple of months, I go on leave and when I come back something has changed.
When I click the link to access the board it automatically applies a filter (person), if I left the board and went back it would apply the filter again but to a different person.

Any ideas what it’s doing/how/and how to remove?

Many thanks

@Eisbaer99 that sounds interesting, did someone change the default board view?
They could have added a view to filter by person and set that to default. That wouldn’t explain the behavior that its filtering by a different person. But perhaps you could provide a quick screen recording with that behavior?

It appears someone had changed the view without realising, only each time I took it off it would not let me save again so I assumed the filter was not the issue - all resolved now though, thanks.

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