Filter by Person always being applied (bug)

We have multiple users reporting this issue: one of our teammates seems to always be getting applied to a board table view under the person filter. Like when you open a ticket from an email, it doesn’t have a userId in the URL, but after it loads in Monday, &userId= gets appended to the URL. If you click around to a different board and back, that person is still shown as a filter, even though there is no userId in the URL and the person filter isn’t actually applied. We have tried removing the person and resaving the filters but he seems to always come back.

Hi @annie-c - we have seen this before. If this is not in the Main Table view (where filters cannot be saved) I would check the people filter. When refreshing if you are seeing someone in the filter (like below):

Open up the list of people, de-select the user (basically click the user that keeps showing up) and make sure you click “Save to this view”, otherwise the change will not be retained:


If the issue still persists, I would contact monday support for them to review:

Hope this helps!

thank you! i think someone on my team figured this out before me because now it’s gone. we were just hitting x without going into the modal and trying to save the overall filter view again.

I still couldn’t solve this issue. Whenever I try to deselect and hit “save to this view”, it will always return to the previous person. The exception is when I select another person and hit “Save to this View”. It accepts the new person but what I want is to NOT filter by person.
Please help me on this issue.

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