Filtering subitems by person - says released but not working

The board for Subitem work being done shows the subitem filtering is done. However, when I am on a board and filter by person, only the main task filters by person. All subitems attached to that task show regardless of who it is assigned to. Will you be updating this?

I’d like to have an update on this please

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Can you mirror the person column from subitems to the main item? You should be able to filter at that point. Not sure if this helps.

The problem with this is that I always more than one person assigned to all the subitems of a main item, so if I filter this way I can only have a global vision on what are the subjects the collaborators work on, not precisely the tasks they are assigned to :thinking:

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Any updates on this @monday-team!?


Would really help reduce screen clutter and keep people focused.


Anyone found a way to filter by the person column located subitems? When I try to apply this filter in a chart, it captures all subitems connected to the parent item even if they do not have the assigned person attached to it.


Bumping this issue. It’s really debilitating when we’re trying to assign sub-items to multiple different people. Their personal dashboards are flooded with all subitems just because they’re tagged on one. Would love a solve!


Hear hear on the above. We really need to be able to filter subitems by person.


We are also having a similar problem with the sub items and filtering by person. When we filter by person, the first row with the sub item filters fine, but the second (and onwards) rows do not filter by the person. I don’t think this feature is working correctly and it’s really important for our sub items.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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The ability to filter by subitem is a feature that is working on, so you won’t be able to use it yet. They said it’s being released in Q3 of this year (2022).

Hi, is there any update on filtering by subitem?

It’s been months since the announcement !
Any updates on this @monday-team ?

Hi all!

We sincerely apologise for the delay in responding to this thread! We are working on improving our responsiveness to the community, particularly our feature request process so appreciate your patience in advance!

On that note, if you haven’t noticed already, you should now be able to utilise advanced filters to filter by subitems in both boards and dashboards :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any comments or feedback!

I’m running into the reverse problem: when I filter by name, the sub-items for the item are included, even if they’re assigned to someone else. Any solutions for this so far?

Hey Lori!

Are you able to send me a screenshot of your filter settings, as well as what appears in the board once you filter? :pray: