Filter Subitems based on Status column

Hi there,

I’d like to filter the Board based on the Subitem Status. The Subitems Product Map shows its Release, but couldnt find this? Please advise.


I’m also waiting for this feature longingly.
Would it be possible to get an update on this matter? In the roadmap the release date for this function is still given with date Q1/2022…

Thank you for a short update!

This is indeed a basic need. Items are usually Projects of Phases, and SubItems ARE the tasks! We need to filter by them!

I’m new here but see clear value in having this functionality. Any updates on ETA?

I’ve gotta agree here. No filters can be currently applied using information from the subitems’ columns and it makes the subitem feature incredibly clunky. I saw there’s another post from early 2021 asking if this is possible, and it was supposedly in the pipeline for Q4 last year but there’s not been a peep about it from the team since.

I agree. This is much needed!

We are almost at the end of Q3 which is when this feature should be released…I am wondering if there is going to be an update on this need anytime soon?

Was about to file a feature request for this also . . . happy to see that I am not the only one, and would be great to see the update indeed.

Maybe it will be announced at the ELEVATE Event as the new big feature :joy:

I need this function too. The Work would be much easier… Please give us an update.

Any updates? Coming soon?

Really keen to get this! Not having this makes my job quite challenging.

Indeed! Need this urgently!!

I noticed it active in my account about 20 hours ago, so it looks like they are rolling it out.

However… it is a little odd in how it is implemented. If I create a filter:

Subitem Status is not Done

It filters out all the parent items that have at least one subitem with the status Done.

In other words if an item has two subitems (with Status Done and Working on it), the item and both subitems are hidden with this filter.

I was expecting the subitems to be filtered individually, not for the entire item to disappear if I set just one subitem to Done.

Hey @zedman,

Thank you for this feedback, it’s really helpful for us! That said having tested this on my end, when setting up that specific filter when subitem status is not done the parent item still remains visible even if it has subitems marked both done or working on it - I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via if you’re still experiencing this, as I don’t believe that it’s expected :pray:

Yes, this appears to be working now. It was probably fixed after the initial rollout.

I have already contacted support with other issues I noticed, so all good here.

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