Sub-Items Filter on Status (Feature Request)

I am currently using a project plan view and have a number of sub-items for an activity for which I just need to track status. Once it is done, I no longer care about it.

For my main board, I have a filter to ignore where the “Status” is not “complete” and then hide those items. This helps me with real-time reviews to only focus on work that is still outstanding / pending. When I look at subitems, I unfortunately do not have this same luxury as the filtering does not apply to subitems. In my actual working project, I have one task that has 73 subitems that I am tracking against. Roughly 45 of the subitems are done, some are in progress and others are not started. What I am hoping for is the ability to filter out the completed subitems so I can reduce the noise for real-time reviews and focus the team on what matters most for the project.

I agree with you that it should be easier to filter out completed tasks from the board views.

This functionality should be difficult for to implement, because the “My Work” panel has a convenient checkbox to “Hide done items” which hides subitems in addition to hiding tasks. A similar checkbox should be available on the Board view.

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